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  • ACID

    When Jonathan Drew founded Drew Estate cigars, he decided to think outside of the box and turn the cigar world upside down. Drew Estate brought a new spin to the cigar industry using unique tobacco blends and infusing them with special herbs, spices, and essential oils. When Jonathan coined their company tagline, "the rebirth of cigars" he certainly meant it! ACID fans have learned throughout the years not to ask about these mysteriously blends because the recipe book will always remain a deep dark secret that is well hidden in the Drew Estate vault.

  • Aging Room

    The Aging Room Cigars are a part of the Boutique Blends brand and are a relatively new brand, having come on the scene in 2010, when cigars were released in small batches. A ’boutique’ blend is a cigar that has been created under one name. The same company controls the manufacturing process from cultivation to distribution. Each batch, such as the Aging Room M365, is never produced in large quantities and quality control is always strict thus achieving brand consistency.

    When Boutique Blends use the term “small batch” thats what they really mean. When brand owner Rafael Nodal finds a particular batch of tobacco, he creates only a finite amount of cigars and once that tobacco is finished, it’s finished! No tobacco substitutions will be made over time to sustain the brand, no matter what the demand. Nor does he change the blend in hopes that no one will notice. Now that is dedication to the craft. As Rafael himself says, “We are not producing cigars for everyone. We are introducing new blends for educated consumers that are looking for cigars with complexity and character.”

  • AJ Fernandez

    With three generations in the premium-cigar business, the Fernandez name connotes quality Cuban tradition. Today, this Nicaragua factory, headed by A.J. Fernandez, produces handmade cigars expertly crafted of only the highest-quality tobacco leaf that the selective team finds worthy of its expertly aged and blended cigars, including the many San Lotano lines that have earned numerous high scores in popular cigar publications.

  • Alec Bradley

    This man releases 90+ rated, premium cigars year after year after year. Founder Alan Rubin had one mission in mind when he created Alec Bradley Cigars: give the cigar smoker an unforgettable experience. And since 1996, Alec Bradley has been doing just that.

  • Arturo Fuente

    Arturo Fuente is just like winning the lottery every single day – consistent quality, consistent flavor, consistent construction. It’s the cigar equivalent of how your spot on the couch somehow manages to feel exactly the same no matter how many times you sit on it.

  • Asylum 13

    A high-rated creation by Christian Eiroa, the Asylum line of handmade cigars is crafted in Nicaragua and offers various styles of bold blends to cigar fans looking for top-quality construction along with a unique and innovative edge in both flavor and appearance. Not your everyday premium medium-to-full-bodied smokes, Asylum cigars are big on zest while being balanced on the palate.

  • BIN (Indonesia)

    The biggest cigar producer in all of Indonesia, and exclusive to Cigar Malaysia. All of BIN cigars are made in Indonesia using cuban seed tobacco. Mild to medium.

  • Bolivar

    Bolívar is one of the strongest and full-bodied cigars, with an earthy/soily undertone on all its lines, primarily due to the incorporation of Ligero; the top leaves of the tobacco plant. Ligero possesses many different qualities to the leaves further down the tobacco plant, and takes much longer to mature. One Ligero has matured, the coarse leaf is used as a filler in the middle of the Bolívar cigars for a potent and spicy taste that adds to the cigar’s complexity and ensures a slow burn. All sizes of Bolivar are Tripa larga, Totalmente a Mano – long filler, totally hand made. It is the brand of choice for enthusiasts, who like strong flavours.

  • Brick House

    Brick House Cigars comes from one of the oldest cigar companies on the market today. Brick House Cigars are a delectable Nicaraguan puro that screams of quality and flavor. They use a rare and special Havana Subido wrapper that gives the cigar a rich and well balanced approach to the flavor profile.

  • Caldwell

    Robert Caldwell is the man behind Caldwell Cigar Company. He has teamed up with his friends William and Henderson Ventura at Tabacalera Ventura to make small batch blends for his new company. Their mission statement is to bring you the finest quality product with great attention paid to every detail.

  • Camacho

    While every premium handmade Camacho cigar falls into the medium-to-full-bodied category, each line offers a unique character in its bold blend. The Camacho name has earned high ratings in various cigar publications, making them a humidor staple for fans of hearty handmade Honduran cigars crafted of top-quality tobaccos, and a satisfying selection for serious cigar smokers looking to step it up in strength.

  • Casa de Garcia

    Premium-quality handmade cigars that are priced to please, this selection by the Garcia family offers economical enjoyment to everyday cigar smokers. Offered in varying strength profiles, each expertly constructed Casa de Garcia cigar is packed in budget-friendly bundles and built to be smooth and consistent, whether its blend is robust or mellow.
  • Cigar of the Year

    Numerous Cigar of the Year winners from Cigar Aficionados, Cigar Journal, Cigar Malaysia and James Suckling.

  • Cigarillos

    Cigarillo means "small-cigar". Machine-made, but often delicious and the perfect 10-15 minute smoke for after lunch when time is short.

  • CLE

    C.L.E. Cigar Company began as a hobby to bring life to the blends that Christian Luis Eiroa loved the most. Who knew that this love for blending would grow into a collection large enough to create an entire company? Welcome to the C.L.E. Collection.

  • Cohiba

    The famous Cohiba brand was actually only introduced in 1968, but quickly became the flagship brand of the Cuban Cigars industry. Developed initially as a medium bodied protocol cigar for presentation only by officials of the Cuban government, Cohiba was marketed widely beginning in 1982.

  • Combinaciones

    Cuban gift boxed cigars

  • Cuaba

    Every Cuaba is made in the distinctive shape known as double figurado, the style that at the end of the 19th Century was all the rage for Habanos. A century later, in 1996, this rich tradition was revived at the Romeo y Julieta factory. Double figurados are at the pinnacle of the cigar maker’s art and for this alone they merit a place in every cigar enthusiast’s collection.

  • Davidoff

    Created by Zino Davidoff, who originally started producing cigars in Cuba circa 1969. The 1970's saw overwhelming success for the Davidoff brand as cigar shops opened to the public all over the world selling what is now regarded as a premium and exceptional range of cigars crafted in the then new "El Laguito" factory in the suburbs of Havana. Now made in the Dominican Republic.

  • Diplomaticos

    Diplomáticos is a current post-revolution brand, established in 1966.

  • Don Diego

    Don Diego is a classic Dominican cigar with a silky-smooth, almond-colored Connecticut shade wrapper. Beautifully hand rolled, they have a creamy flavor that never bites and a subtle finish with no aftertaste. Don Diego is an excellent cigar, which is perfect for those who prefer a milder smoking experience.

  • Drew Estate

    Jonathan Drew, Marvin Samel, and the team of artisans at Nicaragua’s Drew Estate factory are known for their edgy and innovative take on cigarmaking, while also acknowledging and adhering to time-honored tradition.

  • Dunbarton

    Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Cigars is a company established by industry legend and ex-Drew Estate CEO Steve Saka to create what he feels are the perfect premium handmade cigars. A diehard perfectionist, Steve samples a painstaking amount of blends before releasing any cigar that bears the Dunbarton name. In addition, Every Dunbarton cigar is fashioned in limited small batch runs to assure the utmost in quality and flavor. Sobremesa, the company’s inaugural release, received rave reviews for its medium to full-bodied flavors of earth, sweet spice, leather, and dark coffee.

    Today, this lineup of luxury cigars includes Mi Querida a full-bodied gem rife with notes of spice, pepper, black coffee, cocoa, and Irish cream, and Muestra de Saka, a very personal full flavored blend that Steve created to capture his very own blending style. Umbagog is an affordable bundled line made for the budget conscious consumer that still wants to enjoy all the complex nuances of a Dunbarton offering. Lastly, there is the wildly popular Todas Las Dias cigar, a (misspelled) Nicaraguan Puro not for the faint of heart or palate. This one will knock you on your “butt” with heady flavors of earth, cayenne pepper, espresso, wood, and sweet caramel. 

  • Dunhill

    Steeped in tradition, the Dunhill marquee is recognized as the symbol of quality and elegance, and since founder Alfred Dunhill first opened his doors in 1907; those looking for a smooth luxurious smoke have repeatedly turned to this brand. In recent years, the company portfolio has expanded to accommodate every taste, making them more sought-after than ever, thanks to a host of perfectly balanced, luxury cigars with tons of complexity and rich, refined taste.

Showing 1 - 24 of 82 items