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Are you interested in selling cigars in your bar, restaurant, hotel or cafe? Or are you already selling cigars but are looking for better service, cheaper prices and more range? We can help. We supply the complete package, tailored to your individual needs. We even provide the Fridgeador (a cross between a fridge and a humidor) free of charge on loan.

Our special Fridgeador's are customised with wooden shelving, lighting and both humidity and temperature controls. This ensures the cigars are kept in optimum condition and is a superior environment then just a humidor which only controls the humidity and not the temperature. We provide Fridgeador's in both small and large sizes.

If you're looking for something a bit more special, we also provide walk-in humidors, with full temperature and humidity control. Depending on your needs we can offer the complete service, from the physical construction of the area to the lighting, shelving and point of sale merchandising. We can manufacture them to any size or shape that you require.

Humidor Cigar Malaysia

For more information including our Trade Price List, email [email protected] or call/WhatsApp 010 362 6987.