With thousands of cigars available worldwide, the prospect of choosing where to start can be daunting and faced in an unfamiliar surrounding with a fully stocked walk in humidor that feeling will only intensify but with that comes experienced cigar smokers with ample advice.

Usually they will suggest something mild from H. Upmann or Romeo y Julieta - both good choices indeed. Just like many past times, you have to start at the beginning and work your way up which also goes for learning how to smoke premium handmade cigars. 

Mild cigars are generally the best for beginners because one of the most important aspects in smoking cigars is developing an appreciation for the flavour. A mild cigar won't overpower you, the only way it will is if you inhale. That for cigarette smokers might seem a foreign concept which may take some getting used to but as long as you remember these three words, you'll be fine. DO NOT INHALE!  The word mild has been mentioned a couple of times but it's important to note that mild doesn't have to mean bland!

Over the years cigar smokers have tended to drift towards more full-bodied cigars but this is due to their taste developing and eventually you will tend to desire more flavour of which are the full-bodied cigars. Strength is only one component of a cigar and in my opinion, flavour is more important than strength but as has been said, mild doesn't have to mean bland. In fact, there are plenty of cigars classified as mild that are far from being bland.

Connecticut is one of the most widely used mild wrappers and is also sought for its sweet aroma. Ecuadorian Connecticut is also mild, but with a little more flavour and a shade or two darker in colour. Corojo is a little darker in colour than the Connecticut wrapper. The Corojo was originally grown in Cuba but because of the embargo, it is now mostly grown in Honduras. This wrapper tends to have a very spicy, peppery, robust flavour, favoured by many cigar smokers. 

Habano is similar in colour to Corojo and is also from Cuba, but today it grows mostly in Nicaragua. The leaf produces a heavy, spicy flavour and is often dense with nicotine, so it may overwhelm a beginner. The Maduro is the darkest in colour and enjoys the lengthiest lifespan, from seedling to wrapper leaf. Not every leaf can be turned into a Maduro wrapper and, interestingly enough, they tend to defy their ominous looks. These cigars are often sweeter, which has earned a nickname of "dessert smoke."