With the new smoking ban firmly in place, more cigar smokers are retreating to their homes to enjoy their daily stogie. This means a new problem- passive smoke! Many people simply don't like the smell of cigar smoke in their home, and opening the window just doesn't do the trick. Even if you smoke outside on your balcony, the smoke has an incredible knack of seeping inside the home. So if you want to avoid the earache of a loved ones complaints, you need to invest in some sort of device to help you- an air purifier.

The vast majority of air purifiers are designed for just one thing- purifying the air from contaminants particularly allergens. Almost none are designed with the specific problem of smoke- specifically cigar smoke- in mind. It doesn't matter how much you spend, even the more expensive air and anti-smoke purifiers just don't work efficiently. Don't waste your money.

Instead, you need a Csonka Air Purifier. These guys design and build devices which are specifically for cigar smoke. Not only that, they're not expensive, require zero maintenance (unlike other air purifiers which require you to replace parts periodically) and are not only small, but virtually silent. Many air purifiers are noisy little beasts. Not the Csonka. What's more, you can use them in your car too.

Their products work extremely well in very large rooms or offices (500 to 1,500 sq ft), in your car or van and come supplied with both a 12v DC and a 110v AC listed power cord. The Csonka Smoker Cloakers use no chemicals components, its 100% maintainance-free and requires no filters to change, ever. Finally, incredible as it is, it's contemporary mini-dome design is only 4" wide. We guarantee users will love the Csonka Smoker Cloaker.

We stock two models, both exclusive to Cigar Malaysia. The Super Smoker Cloaker (RM1599) and the Original Smoker Cloaker (RM1299).