We're told there has been a massive surge towards thicker ring gauges in recent years, and we've witnessed a rise in the thicker cigars for the last few years. The Cohiba Medio Siglo is the latest stogie to follow this trend.

The price tag certainly raised a few eyebrows, and we were worried it would be a rip-off! But having smoked a few, it is not! What a glorious smoke.

It's basically the width of a Siglo VI and the length of a Siglo I. 45 minutes smoking time. It is thus a trend according to "Short smoke" and enthusiastic cigar lovers with delicate aromas at medium strength. The tremendous longfiller consists of a selection of the best tobacco leaves from the Vuelta Abajo, the home of tobacco, the best in the world. 25 per box.

"Siglo" in Spanish means "century" and stands for the time that has passed since the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus (although there was plenty of folk already there, so not sure how much of a "discovery" it really was). Among other novelties known came the possibility of tobacco to Europe.

Flavour profile is black pepper, wood, leather and a touch of sourness being the most prominent. Delicious.