Each year the well respected Cigar Aficionado magazine publish their famous "Cigar of the Year". It isn't quite as well known is their "Best Buy" award. This award is given to the cigar which they feel is the best value for money cigar of the year.

In 2016 their winner was our Cigar of the month for July 2017: Brick House Corona Larga. At such a budget price, it offers seriously good value for money.

The Brick House brand was brought to market during the tough financial times when a value-priced cigar was most welcome, and we expect such another crisis to be just around the corner. Therefore this cigar is a great addition to your humidor.

The size is a "grand corona" with a sort of semi-dark brown wrapper. The aroma is very pleasant and the smoke is consistent, with hints of coffee, peppery spice and robust full flavor. It's not full bodied, its medium and has that distinctive Nicaraguan flavour that we all love.

You can buy the cigar here: http://www.cigarmalaysia.com/cigars/871-brick-house-corona-larga.html